Yuusha Shoukan ga Niawanai Bokura no Kurasu — December 9, 2017

Yuusha Shoukan ga Niawanai Bokura no Kurasu


The protagonist Yu and his classmates should have been summoned as a brave in the other world.
However, their job are not 「brave」but such as 「student」and 「sewing craftsman」and not only job, the skill is also odd, Yu’s job is 「bystander」and his skill is 「through」!? Thanks to what “through do to experience point, my level stops at 1!
「The level 1 me and a last boss grade mazoku play straight? Ahaha, it’s unreasonable you know. We are determined to fight with everything we can use isn’t it. 」
A terrible casting mistake braves heroic story, starts!




Vol. I – I couldn’t help to think 「this is a terrible casting mistake」

0-1  This is a terrible casting mistake 30%

0-2  【Inherent skill】――《Original skill》

0-3  From now on


This is a translation of the wn version.